temporary home

Dear our valued customers,

Over Pesach my wife and I did a lot of thinking and analyzing. We have decided to temporarily close EZShabbos. We are sorry for the inconvenience but are thrilled to tell you why! Many of you know that we started the well known Yoni’s Pretzel Challah under our other company Yoni’s Food. We are fortunate that the company is growing and we are set to release new pretzel products in the near future. We are known for our quality for both EZShabbos and Yoni’s Food. In order to keep to those high standards that we set and stand by, we must shift our focus temporarily. Yoni’s Food will soon be speaking with your local supermarkets about selling our famous chocolate chip cookies (previously found on EZShabbos) and a line of dressings many of you know and love. Be on the look out! We are still that “mom and pop shop” that is appreciated by our customers. Therefore, please know that your support by buying and/or referring our products is how we will continue to grow. All you have done and continue to do for us is greatly appreciated. We would not be able to take this step without you. Here’s to a future together of Yoni’s Food!


All the best,

Yoni and Dana Siletski


P.S.- We are still honoring our previous EZShabbos commitments. If you are scheduled to order for an event please call 201-674-0396.